The Mad Swan Bloods also known as “The Byrd Gang”, are an African-American street gang located on the East Side of South Los AngelesCalifornia. They originated as the Main Street Swans” in the early 1970’s. Their subset’s consist of the 77th Street, 79th Street, 80th Street, and 84th Street. Mad Swan Bloods, They are east of the 84 Main Street Crips and West of the 76 East Coast Crips. They are South of the 6 Pacc East Coast Crips and North of the 88 Avalon Garden Crips.

 Dead Homiez (documentary) is a film by Billy Wright (director), which was inspired by the death of his cousin Derrick “Poo Bear” Young. Poo Bear was an active and respected member of the Mad Swan Bloods. However, In 1988 Poo Bear was gunned down in a gang related shooting, in retaliation for the murder of an East Coast Crip.

Allies include: Neighborhood Family Bloods, this alliance is called the Family Swan Bloods or “Neighborhood Family Swan Bloods“. Other allies include:  Inglewood Family GangCentinela Park Family, and is known as the “Family Alliance” or “The Family Gang.”  Rivals include: 18th Street GangAvalon Gangster CripsKitchen CripsMain Street Mafia CripsEast Coast CripsBounty Hunters Bloods (Watts), and the Bishop Pueblos,

Blood Family Gangs


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