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  • Big Wy – B Not For Sale

    The “B Is Not For Sale” is the latest song from West Coast veteran Big Wy (of Tha Relativez) which focus on the sudden emergence of rappers claiming gang affiliation — specifically with the bloods– for popularity and street creditability. The song even touches on so-called gangsters using social media to broadcast their criminal activity. “This is […] More

  • Gi Joe Omg – Dollaz N Sense (Music Video)

    Gi Joe Omg from Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crip who you have seen previously on UnitedGangs. Gi Joe has remix to Dollaz N Sense by Dj Quik throw back classic. Comment your opinion on how good did he remix the song!!! More

  • TeeCee4800- Crippin (Music Video)

    TeeCee4800 from School Yard Crip featuring Vince Staples from Naughty Nasty gangster Crips (LBC) and  D.loc. “Crippin” new music video out. More

  • Black P. Stones: 15 Arrested During A Series Of Raids In Los Angeles

    Aiming to quell a rash of violence plaguing a South Los Angeles community, police officers raided more than a dozen homes Thursday and seized an array of high-powered rifles, ballistic armor, handguns and more than $50,000 worth of drugs. Fifteen members of the Los Angeles-based Black P. Stones street gang were arrested during the early […] More

  • Pacman Da GunMan – Cabalistic (Music Video)

    PNC Pacman Da GunMan from Rollin 60’S Neighborhood Crips “Cabalistic” music video with Nipsey Hussle. The founder of the “All Money In” label pacman is signed to. Cabalistic is a single off pacman latest projects, the “Optimistic 2” mix tape. More

  • Hitta J3 -Full Fledge (Music Video)

    Underground Compton West Side Piru rapper Hitta  J3, who made a name for himself when he released his hit songs like “Do Yo Gudda” and “West Side Bompton”a few years back.  “Full Fledge” is one of his more recent singles featuring RJ. Prior to past post he was starring in “Head On A Swivle” which […] More

  • Lime Hood Pirus Discuss Gang Life In Compton

    CBS News launched West 57th (TV Series), a short-lived newsmagazine series during the 1980s. The show visits East Compton to interview 17-year-old Dusty Loc and friends, all members of the East Side Lime Hood Pirus. During this era –there were Original Gangsters (OG) and Baby Gangsters (BG)– the term YG (Young Gangsters) didn’t exist in the Blood Community, […] More

  • Maniac Latin Disciples

    The Maniac Latin Disciples (MLD) came into existence around 1966, when the gang’s founder Albert Hernandez started moving to recruit people from the Latin Scorpions, a local baseball team playing in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. The gang first came together as a defense mechanism against the continuous harassment perpetrated by local non-latino […] More

  • Gang Members Arrested In The 1993 LA Apartment Fire That killed 10

    Police have arrested several 18th Street gang members for a 1993 apartment building fire that killed 10 people, including seven children, it was announced Saturday. Those arrested remained jailed, Officer Aareon Jefferson said. He had no other details. Police planned to hold a news conference on Monday. The three-story building in the Westlake district caught […] More

  • S.Dot – Hustle Hard (Music Video)

    Throw back of the Black Diciples rappers before they were in their prime. Music Video has a combination of still present rappers and those that passed away like LA Capone or those who are facing murder cases like RondonumbaNine and Cdai. Those that are still present in the Rap game are Chief Keef, S.Dot, Edai […] More

  • Bobby Shmurda Moves Prisons After Someone Tries To Stab Him

    Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda was transferred to a new prison after an attempt on his life last month, reports Bossip. Allen DeWane, a spokesman for the rapper’s family, said someone attempted to stab Shmurda in prison about a month ago, but that Shmurda felt them coming up on him and got out of the way of the […] More

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