Piztals 103 – Grape Street Crips (Music Video)


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Piztal 103 from Atlanta Grape Street Crips released “Grape Street Crips” music video


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  1. Yall niggas are hilarious 🤣🤣! I respect all of you but that shits fuckin crazy! And bte imma be a hella rapper soon. Look out for me and my nigga Lil Chino. My name’s finna be MJA KingBlue. Also look for my lil bro Lil Dash. Thanks for the support United Gangs🙏🏿

  2. Ten Trey trill niggaz loyal boss player trill grapestreet nigga og bossman oof huncho niggaz ain’t trill so they hushup I got goonz in the A stone loc purple light life boss up or bow down

  3. fuCC you anonymous and just CeCause all grape street CripKs ain’t 4rum 10-trey don’t mean they some false Claiming fake streets,I mean this partiCular set of guys in Atlanta make the grape street CripKs look Cad Cut just CeCause you are 4rum Watts don’t mean you are tougher and quiCCer to kill than every grape street CripK in Atlanta,and Watt you should do sinCe you Claim that you are a rKeal grape street CripK is find out if they Cuzzins really got they paper work and if got they offiCial you should talk to your og’s and C if they know their og’s and run their name through the motherland of Watts and C if they are plugged in or not.You are so quiCC to throw shade on these bustas that you make your own self look like a green grape,you ain’t fly down to where they live at C if they know their history,you ain’t C if they got their paper work,you ain’t question them and C if they know the Crip Codes,you didn’t C if they Could answer most of the CripK questions,you didn’t C if they knew the CripK handshake,you didn’t C if they knew nothing aCout CripKpKin loC you are just quiCC to pass judgment and made yourself look like a green grape in the proCess (bitCh!!!!!!).

    • Will you shut the Fuck Up with that Crip Bullshit. How many fucking times do I have to tell you ATTACHING the name “Crip” after any little Neighborhood Set MEANS NOTHING. These guys don’t know or care about ANY Niggers in Watts. It’s there little Nigger set against ALL other Nigger Sets. There’s no kind of Nationwide unity. Shut The fuck up with your God Damn Delusions, Dwayne. LMAO

    • Quit PKuttin a K behind Crip dumBKass I don’t BKang no more but know that’s disresPKectful, it’s like writing bloodk=BK, fucking wannaBKe-and you know I’m right too, I was down for my hood cuz I was BKorn into it, wasn’t for show or the image, just grew older and said I was done wit it, ain’t nuttin cool BKout it, if you was for real it comes wit a lot of regret, ain’t no comin BKac. C-RIP Big Chris, Deano, baby Red, Shani, Chuc-E see y’all at the crossroads!!!


    • fuCC you anonymous,CeCause you are a false flagging pussy and probably wear your flag on the right side like the slobKs and dirus do you l’il trout mouth fish faCe looking (NIGGEr!!!!!!).

  5. This Watts grape st crips home of jordan high school bull dogs off Alameda st. Yall retards from Atlanta dont represent us cuzz yall fakes make real grape str look bad. Stop claiming grape st.



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