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Snoop Dogg – Im from Long Beach (Music Video)


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Snoop dogg from Rollin 20 crips release a single called “Im FromLong Beach”


2 Comments on Snoop Dogg – Im from Long Beach (Music Video)

  1. Im from pomona dolce

  2. I wonder if Snoop Dog knows Dwayne Cross. He should know him because Dwayne says he is the Boss and overall Leader of the Rollin’ 20’s Niggers in Long Beach. Dwayne has also admitted that he’s a Faggot and likes to have sex with younger Nigger Slave Boys. I think Snoop Dog should make a Video showing Dwayne sucking the dick of some younger Nigger Slave Boy while another Nigger Slave boy has his dick up Dwayne’s big dirty filthy Nigger Ass. That should be the new slogan for the Rollin 20’s.
    ” Join the Rollin’ 20’s under the direction of head Nigger Dwayne Cross”. LMAO

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