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Rose – Like It Or Not (Music Video)

Screenshot (111).png

Chicago rapper “Rose” from Gangster Diciples “Like It Or Not” music video, where rapper take shots at rival gang “Black Diciples” which is where rapper Chief Keef and more is from.


2 Comments on Rose – Like It Or Not (Music Video)

  1. Cause thats gonna lead our people’s out of the oppression huh?


  2. fuCC “rose” and all ShyCago fKolks and gd’s,I am a fKolk and a gdK.It’s all aCout those bKlaCC and gold and blue Colors,and I don’t mean latin kings or latin queens,I am talking aCout it’s rXCH rOLLXn 20’$ CrXppXn,I am 4rum 21$t $treet and Cerritos where this rXCH rOLLXN 20’$ CrXppXn started 4rum.It’s all aCout that left side gang banging,and sinCe I am talking aCout my Colors bKlaCC and gold fuCC the latin kings and the latin queens I will CatCh all of these gangs bodies whenever y’@ll want tha Xusiness.


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