The Primera Flats (PF) are a primarily Mexican-American street criminal gang located in Los Angeles, California. They consist of the 1st Street Primera Flats in Boyle Heights and the 23rd Street Primera Flats in South Central (now known as South Los Angeles).

The Primera Flats originated in the Aliso Village government housing projects, along with the Cuatro Flats (4th Street Flats) and the East LA Dukes 13. The low-income housing projects were located on 1st Street and Mission Road in the Boyle Heights, a predominantly Hispanic community. Primera means “First” in Spanish for 1st Street in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles.

However, in 1999, the Housing Project was demolished and replaced by the Pueblo del Sol. The Primera Flats relocated further East along 1st Street, between Indiana Street and Lorena Street.

Primera Flats 23rd Street

The Primera Flats 23rd Street (PF23) are located on the East Side in South Central Los Angeles, California. They are the sequel of  the original Primera Flats on 1st Street in the Aliso Village government housing projects in East Los Angeles. The 23rd Street Flats barrio stretches from San Pedro Street and Main Street, between 23rd Street and 25th Street.

The Primera Flats often meet up at Trinity Park located on Wall Street, however, this area has led to some deadly shootouts with rival gangs. They often hide illegal firearms, drugs, and other contraband, all throughout the park.Their cliques are the 23rs Street, Pee Wees (PWS), Termites (TMS), and plenty more.  Midget Loco, (Chicano rapper and actor) openly admits his affiliation with the Primera Flats 23rd Street.

Allies & Rivals

The 1st Street Primera Flats formed an alliance with the 4th Street Flats. This alliance was broken when a member of the 4th Street Flats, shot and killed a member of the Primera Flats, in 2005. Early rivals were other gangs that coincided in the Aliso Village projects such as the Cuatro Flats, The Mob Crew, Al Capone, and 1st Street East Coast Crips (the only black gang in Boyle Heights). Other rivals of the Primera Flats are the Clarence Street Locos (CSL), Breed Street, and East LA 13 (ELA13).

The 23rd Street Flats are rivals of the Street Saints, 22nd Street Gang and the Ghetto Boyz Gang. Other rivals include the 38th Street, Varrio Locos Park, and the Harpys Gang. The Primera Flats and the Ghetto Boyz battled for control of the Trinity Park (especially during the 1980s and 1990s), due to lucrative profits from drug sells.

This turf rivalry wrecked havoc on South Central’s city streets, which included the shooting death of an eight-year-old boy, who died from a stray bullet at the Trinity Park in 2002. These incidents resulted in the Ghetto Boyz Gang denouncing the recreation center to avoid problems with the Mexican-Mafia.



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  3. I have a question but I’m sure my I’m right about this one, which is… Primera Flats & Verdugo Flats are two different hoods correct? Ones a L.A. Gang and the Other is a Inland Empire Gang. They by no way shape or form are connected gangs. In just asking because I had someone try to tell me they are the same gang. Which in my head I’m like hell no. So can someone in lighten me. Or tell me what I thought was correct.

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  6. this gang much like all old school east los angeles gangs go way back to the 50’s some in the 40’s the talk of driving the gang or any gang from that region is a mute point it is generational grandfathers fathers and uncles ran the streets now its the sons and nephews keeping the names alive

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