The Cross Atlantic Pirus (CAP), also known as the Cap Gang, are an American-American Piru gang, located on the East Side of Compton, California. Their neighborhood stretches from Atlantic Ave and Rosecrans Ave, between Clark Street and the 710 Long Beach Fwy. Which, also acts as the borderline between Compton and Paramount, California. They are west of the Paramount Gundry Block Crips, and south of the Lynwood Neighborhood Crips.

However, parts of their neighborhood extends into the city of  Lynwood. Members can be found around the “Curv Motel,” which sits on Atlantic Ave in Lynwood. This area of their territory is heavily infested with drug activity and gang related shootings. The Cross Atlantic Pirus has been around for decades, and is one of the most active piru gang throughout the east side of Compton. Bigg Tupp (rapper) aka Bigg Tupp Wit 2p’s In It, is affiliated with the Cross Atlantic Pirus.

Allies And Rivals

The Cross Atlantic Pirus are allies of the Lime Hood Pirus, Lueders Park Pirus, and the Holly Hood Pirus. Rivals include: Lynwood Neighborhood Crips, Paramount Gundry Blocc Crips, Ward Lane Compton Crips, Duccy Hood Compton CripsSantana Blocc Compton CripsSouth Side Compton Crips, and Atlantic Drive Compton Crips.

Mexican Rivals: Varrio South Side Gangsters 13Compton Varrio 70s, Compton Varrio 155, and the Compton Varrio Segundo.


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