The 65 Menlo Crips formerly known as the 65 Menlo Gangster Crips (MGC) are an active African-American street gang located on the West Side of Los Angeles, CA. They originated in the 1970’s, as the Menlo Boys on 65th Street around Menlo Ave, between  Hoover Street and Vermont Ave. By the 1980’s, they changed their name to Menlo Gangster Crips under the Gangster Crips/Trays/3x umbrella.

The Menlo Gangster Crips had a close relationship with Eight Tray Gangster Crips, until they had a falling out with the Eight Tray Gangster Crips. This feud resulted in the Menlo Crips forming an alliance with the Neighborhood Crips (especially the 67 Neighborhood Crips). Becoming the 65 Menlo Neighborhood Crips and falling under the NHC/Deuce (2x) umbrella.

The Menlo Crips have been feuding with the Hoover gangs, since the 1980’s. This feud has resulted in several gang-related shootings and innocent causalities. Their cliques consist of: 65 Menlo Crips, 67 Menlo Crips, 68 Menlo Crips, 70 Menlo Crips, and 103rd Street.

In The News

In 1987, the Menlo Crips made the news, when Damon Thompson, a well known active member of the Menlo Crips. Shot and killed a 9 year-old boy (DeAndre Brown), who was playing in a sandbox at Mt. Carmel Park at 70th and Hoover street. However, the intended target’s were members of the Hoover Crips. Damon Thompson, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to   17-years-to-life.

Aillies & Rivals

Their allies include: 67 Neighborhood Crips, East Coast Crips, Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, 55 Neighborhood Crips, and the Rollin 100s. Rivals include: 62 Harverd Park Brims, 54 Van Ness Gangster BrimsFruit Town Brims, Denver Lane Bloods, and the Family Swan BloodsRival crip gangs: Hoover Criminals74 Hoover Criminals Gang83 Hoover Criminals Gang, Playboy Gangster Crips, 83 Gangster Crips, 52 Broadway Gangster Crips, and Gangster Crips.


Gang Member Sentenced for Killing Child


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